Simple Solutions To A First World Problem!

One of life’s First World Problems is the nuisance of multiple charging cables for smart phones, ipads, tablets and the countless other mobile devices that we couldn’t possibly live without these days.

Not only are they unsightly but if you’re anything like me, more often than not I forget which socket I’ve plugged them in to and then have to run around the house like a lunatic trying to locate my phone if I hear it ring.

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Utilising The Utility Room

pastel shabby chic utility room

In our home, the utility room seems to be the communal junk room! It’s that space behind closed doors where coats, shoes, laundry, dog food, leads, and all manner of stuff seem to find temporary residence.

It’s my mission to organise this room into a lovely usable space. It’s a small area so storage bins and a good organisation system is a must.

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The War Of The Robes

The fight for wardrobe space can be a very contentious issue among couples!

There was a time when it was the woman of the home who hogged all the premier space and hubby had to settle for a dark corner at the back of the wardrobe in the spare room (if he was lucky). These days however, men can have just as many if not more clothes than us and are beginning to take over the wardrobe space!

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12 Creative Coat Racks

One of my pet hates is coats and jackets thrown on the stair post or over the backs of chairs. Are you reading this husband of mine??? 🙂

In our climate unless you’ve got room for a cloakroom, a coat rack is a household essential. Thankfully we’ve come a long way from the old hat stand type monstrosity that once stood laden down behind the front door. Today there are countless options available on the market. Or you could get creative and make your own.

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