The Dragon’s New Mattress

Hilary Devey Collection Emerald Mattress

The Hilary Devey Collection comprises of 5 premium mattresses all of which are created with custom-blends of luxurious material to suit every comfort requirement. There is the Sapphire, the Diamond, the Diamond Luxe, the Emerald and the Topaz. No prizes for guessing which one I choose

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What To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

tiled bathroom by Emerald Interior Design

Before starting on a bathroom renovation, carefully consider your functional requirements as well as the design aesthetics.

Today’s modern bathroom serves many purposes. It needs to be functional for all family members, (both the adults and the little folk). There should be adequate storage for towels, toiletries etc. It should be well ventilated, have good lighting for shaving/applying make up etc and maybe a haven where you can soak in a hot bath after a long and weary day.

For the smallest room in the house, we certainly demand a lot from it!

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Tick Tock Tick Tock – Spring Forward Summers Coming

The clocks go forward tomorrow night which is a good sign (we hope) that summer is on her way!

We can look forward to bright sunny days, warm weather and daylight extending late into the evening. We will light the BBQ instead of the fire and have months of warm balmy weather on the horizon.

Who am I kidding this is Ireland!!! Well at least the rain will be warmer

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Designer Doggie Furniture – For The King Of Your Castle

As all dog lovers know, we wouldn’t be without our little pals for the world, muddy paws and all. What we don’t love so much is their ugly beds, baskets and feeding bowls which don’t tend to fit with the design aesthetics of our beautiful homes.

So the lovely folks at Terrys Fabrics have put together this great little infographic to bring your doggie furniture from dodgy to designer.

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My Live Lagom Journey Begins…..

My Live Lagom journey towards a sustainable life has begun. I’m focusing on reducing energy and waste and improve our recycling habits along the way and last week I took myself off to Ikea to collect my goodies. To say I was as excited as an 8 year old on Christmas morning is an understatement

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