18 Shared Bedroom Idea’s For Kids

What happens when there are more kids than bedrooms and siblings need to share?

If sharing siblings are the same gender, close in age and share similar tastes, then mum and dad shouldn’t have a problem. It’s when you have to mix up ages and genders that problems can arise. So how do you create a bedroom space for 2 (or more) where all siblings are happy?

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Tiny Home Office Spaces

Working from home has many advantages, no traffic jams, you don’t have to have your hair and make up done if you don’t want to and you can even take a sneaky extended lunch break without getting into trouble with the boss! But it can be also be a lonely atmosphere to work in and can lead to low motivation levels and procrastination, so having a bright and pleasant working space if vital to keep the adrenalin going.

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Make an Entrance – Big Ideas for a Small Space

A hall can be a difficult space to get right. They’re often quite narrow and have only one light source so choosing the right colour and furnishings is very important. It needs to be light and bright but also practical and durable. And it’s a high traffic area so flooring is a major consideration. Cream carpets and children’s muddy wellies are never a great mix! And of course storage is paramount so it doesn’t become a dumping ground. Big ask for a small space!

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