Photo Of The Week – Week 29

I’m an animal person, ok particularly a dog person but I do love all creatures great and small………. well …….except for bees. I’m terrified of them!!

Not that I would harm them or anything, I just tend to run away screaming and crying at the sight of one. 🙂

So when I spotted this little guy on the lawn the other day, I summoned up my courage and got down as close as I could to get a shot of him.

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Our Garden In Summer

A view through the geraniums

In our old house most of the garden was hard landscaped with only a couple of little flower beds and pots to add colour. But considering that I don’t have green fingers it was always plenty for me to cope with.

Now that we’re in mums we have a much bigger garden and I’m really enjoying pottering about and watching what the flora and fauna has to offer.

Here’s a few little pics of what’s happening around here now that the sun is shining.

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Retrospective 01 Photography Exhibition

Last Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure to attend the photography launch of “Retrospective 01” a collection of photographic works by award winning Irish photographer Enda Cavanagh.

Enda is an Irish architectural and fine art landscape photographer based in Dublin. Growing up in rural Ireland, Enda and has always felt a strong connection to the land. He is drawn to the rugged beauty of Ireland and discovers a great sense of peace in our environment. He seeks to reflect the inherent drama and melancholy of the Irish landscape in his photographs.

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