Brass Is Class

I’ll be honest, I was never a big fan of the use of brass in interiors, much preferring the sleekness of chrome finishes. In fact I always found the shininess of brass to be a dated and dare I say it a tacky metal.

But lately I’m beginning to develop a little crush on this shiny metal. Which is just as well as metals like brass, copper or bronze are experiencing a resurgence and a (thankfully) tasteful rebirth since the 1980’s brass that I so unfavourably remember.

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Interior Design Textile Trends SS2014

Can you believe January is almost over already! Not that I’m complaining as I think it’s the most depressing (and frugal) month of the year. And it doesn’t help the frugality that my husbands birthday is in the middle of it! 😯
On a bright note though January/February generally marks the launch of the new Spring Summer collections and my inbox has been full of lovely press releases filled with lots of gorgeous new fabric collections.

The first thing that struck me was colour. And lots of it. It appears our favourite designers want to herald the imminence of Spring with lots of bold bright colours and prints.

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