What To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

tiled bathroom by Emerald Interior Design

Before starting on a bathroom renovation, carefully consider your functional requirements as well as the design aesthetics.

Today’s modern bathroom serves many purposes. It needs to be functional for all family members, (both the adults and the little folk). There should be adequate storage for towels, toiletries etc. It should be well ventilated, have good lighting for shaving/applying make up etc and maybe a haven where you can soak in a hot bath after a long and weary day.

For the smallest room in the house, we certainly demand a lot from it!

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Have Nothing In Your House………..

Our home is full of practical essential items, crockery, bedding, towels, utensils, personal toiletries etc etc. But they are just items to fill a house, the things that make up the first part of that famous quote. It’s the things that make up the second part of the quote that make a house a home!

Here is my 4 essentials that make a house not only beautiful but a beautiful home.

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