18 Shared Bedroom Idea’s For Kids

What happens when there are more kids than bedrooms and siblings need to share?

If sharing siblings are the same gender, close in age and share similar tastes, then mum and dad shouldn’t have a problem. It’s when you have to mix up ages and genders that problems can arise. So how do you create a bedroom space for 2 (or more) where all siblings are happy?

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The War Of The Robes

The fight for wardrobe space can be a very contentious issue among couples!

There was a time when it was the woman of the home who hogged all the premier space and hubby had to settle for a dark corner at the back of the wardrobe in the spare room (if he was lucky). These days however, men can have just as many if not more clothes than us and are beginning to take over the wardrobe space!

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A Room Fit For A Tween!

Schools out and lots of you are preparing for your kids to make that transition from junior school up to senior school. Not only do you get to spend your summer months shopping for new uniforms and school books, but chances are now that your “baby” is all grown up, what suited their bedroom in June will most certainly not fit the bill come September!!

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