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Interior Design Services

Renovating or decorating your home can be a very stressful experience.

There are so many details to consider.  What colour scheme to choose, wooden floors or carpet, painted walls or wall paper, what colours, what textures, what style? Then there’s furniture, lighting, window treatments, artwork, soft furnishings.  The list goes on and on.

With so many elements to consider and so much choice available today, it can lead to confusion and that’s when mistakes happen.  Also sometimes it’s very difficult to see beyond your existing décor and view your space with an open mind.

Why not relieve the stress and let Emerald Interior Design bring your dream interior to life.

We provide a quality bespoke design service tailored to your individual needs.  Using our team of skilled professionals, we ensure every detail is considered, right up to the last picture is hung on the wall.

Our Services include:-

* Design Consultation
* Conceptual Design & Space Planning
* Finishes, Furnishings and Equipment Selections
* Bespoke Cabinetry
* Custom Made Upholstery – Sofas, Chairs, Ottomans, Headboards
* Made to Measure Curtains, Blinds, Soft Furnishings
* Lighting, Art and Accessories
* Project Co-Ordination and Installation

We are successful because we listen to our Clients and deliver results which surpasses their expectations.

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