Wringing in this Season with a Spotlight on Wreaths

The thing I love about blogging is the community spirit and just when I’m struggling under a huge workload and finding it hard to keep this blog updated and informative, fellow bloggers come to the rescue! That you so much Rhianne for helping me out with this wonderful post and these amazing wreath ideas.

I’m a huge fan of Emerald Interior Design and so when I read in Karen’s latest post that she was lacking Christmas content, I had to offer to step up to the plate and write a post. I am honoured to be included on such a great blog and hope that I live up to all of Karen’s great ideas. I welcome any feedback you have.

Christmas 2013

Feature Image from Jumpew.com

I thought Karen’s feature on decorating your hallway at Christmas was an excellent holiday topic to frame a post around and I wanted to stay focused so this post is dedicated to decorating with wreaths. My mother used to make wreaths with me every year as a child so I have developed a special affinity towards these well-rounded decorative accents. Nothing says Christmas decoration like a classic Christmas wreath. This hanging ornament comes in all shapes and sizes and is best showcased wrapped in Christmas lights. Here to inspire you are some wreath styles as well as some additional pointers on wreath-best-practices:

Selecting Your Wreath

Choosing a wreath that matches your taste and decoration style should be done considering all your options. Here are my 5 favourite classic and non-traditional wreaths so far this year and what’s good about them:

1. The Classic


Image featuring classic Christmas decorations from Cool Gifting

This classic wreath is simple, modest and classy. It features green garland wrapped together in a perfect circle with splashes of Pagan-inspired pine cones and winter berries. The classic is also wrapped in Christmas lights of course. The perfect final touch would be a large red bow centered at the top of the wreath.

2. The Oversized Festive


Image featuring Giant Green and Gold Christmas Wreath from liveauctioneers.com

Oversized wreaths are an unstoppable force for attention-grabbing and the bonus is that there is extra room for festive decorations – so go wild! I once owned a building in Vancouver to rent apartments and make some passive income. I placed a large Christmas wreath on the main entrance door, similar to the one featured above, and I swear I got more tenants that season than during the summer rental months! Festive touches really make winter months warmer and are very inviting for guests and strangers coming to your home this season.

3. The Non-Traditional


Image featuring Root Heart Wreath with Pea Lights by London Garden Trading

This rustic wreath is a non-traditional take and suitable for anyone and any religion. The wood and light combination create a down-to-earth ensemble that will welcome every person coming over this season. The heart is a shape that resonates with everyone and reminds us to be compassionate this time of year.

4. The Hanukkah

star of david wreath lights  impressionen.at

Image featuring pearl and lights Star of David from LuciaPaulBlog.com

While I could have featured this as the Hanukkah wreath…


Image featuring Hanukkah Wreath from Pinterest

…in an effort to keep it classy I strongly urge any Hanukkah-wreath buyers to stick with the Star of David-style example above and focus on the celebration of lights as part of this tradition.

5. The Keep-Up-Until-the-New-Year


Image featuring Glitter leaf wreath from dobbies.com on theguardian.com

The Keep-Up-Until-the-New-Year wreath is neutral in theme. This means it won’t become passé after Christmas or Hanukkah and can actually be kept into the New Year. My mother used to choose either a silver or gold themed Christmas so that she could leave certain aspects of the decorations up after the holidays as just winter-decor. The Keep-Until-the-New-Year wreath is classy, never goes out of style and everybody loves things that sparkle.

Now That You’ve Got it, Whatcha Gonna Do About it?

Ok so you purchased the perfect wreath. It matches the style of your home and the theme of your decorations this year. Now what to do with it? Hang it up! Read here for a step-by-step guide on how to install your wreath properly, whether you’re thinking of the classic on the door or the oversized on the garage.
But don’t forget about safety. For safety considerations concerning holiday decorating read here and if you’re more concerned about not putting holes in your walls you can read here for some great professional tips.

If I didn’t manage to inspire you with the different styles above, you can also let your creativity soar and make your own wreath, just be careful with the glue gun! As my mom used to say…

Happy Wreathing and Happy Holidays!

About the Author:
Rhianne Osborne is an Irish-born Canadian with a keen sense of decoration. When she isn’t re-imagining her Montreal-home, she sits down to blog and share ideas with the online communities she participates in. You can often find her at the local flea market or cuddling up to a home decor mag with her cat named Bear.

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