Window Blinds And Child Safety – What You Should Know

While the decor of our homes is important to us, the safety of children is every parents primary concern.

Cords and chains on window blinds can pose a serious risk to young children.  Since 2005 in Ireland, 5 children have died from strangulation as a result of window blind cords.

As parents there are some guidelines you can follow to protect your children:

  • Do not place a bed, cot or high chair where a child can reach the cord
  • Move furniture away from windows
  • Ensure your existing blinds have a safety device fitted to keep cords and chains out of reach
  • When buying new blinds ask the retailer if the blind meets the safety standards
  • Always follow the assembly and maintenance instructions if you are installing the blind yourself

Please watch this short video to be aware of the dangers and to learn how to safe proof your existing blinds.

A word of caution

These tips are provided to help protect your child from possible serious harm. While the use of additional safety devices may reduce the risk of strangulation they cannot be considered foolproof…..Persons in charge of children are ultimately responsible for following the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

bedroom blind by Emerald Interior Design

All window blinds supplied by Emerald Interior Design are fitted with safety devices and comply to the EN 13120 safety standards.

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