What’s all this interest in Pinterest

Everywhere you turn people are talking about Pinterest.  Social media boffins tell us business owners that Pinterest is a great way to promote our services, products and website (which is it btw).  But how can Pinterest help you and what exactly is it?

Quite simply, Pinterest is an online scrap book.  You create boards or scrap books and then “pin” an image or video you like to a particular board.  You can pin stuff you find on the web, browse boards created by other users, and search for ideas and inspiration from people who share your interests.

Now while you can simply pin cool photographs you find on the web to your board, the real beauty of Pinterest comes when you are planning a particular project.  And what might that project be I hear you ask….. well pretty much anything.

Lets say you’re re-decorating your home.  You can create a board for each room and then pin decorating ideas, mood or colour boards, or photographs of rooms you find inspiring.


The beauty is that when you “pin” a photo, the source where you found that photo is also linked so you can revisit the website by clicking the photo.

Try it - Click on the image to go to the website.

There’s no end to the uses for Pinterest, plan a holiday, a wedding, a girls night out.  You can store your photography, recipe,  film, music or book collections.  Find places you want to visit, record places you have visited, even tick stuff off your bucket list!

Going somewhere special?

Plan your outfit so nothing is left to chance.

Say you and a group of friends are planning a birthday party.  Share your board with each other to keep all your ideas together.

Another great way to use Pinterest is to record Gift Ideas.  If you’re anything like me you will see a great gift to buy for someone months before their birthday and then totally forget where you saw it when it comes nearer the time. So the next time you come across something on the web that would be just perfect for Auntie Jean, pin it to your gift board.


Adding images to your boards is easy peasy.  If the website (like this one) has this clever little button [pinit] on their page, simply click it and select the image you want to add to your board.  You can also install the Pinerest Button to your Bookmark Bar.

Pinterest is great fun and totally addictive.  You need to be invited to join so just drop me an email if you want an invite or  you can follow me here if you’re already signed up.

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  1. Loved this article – we have been absolutely loving it for collecting ideas and inspirations!

    We just put together a handy little guide about how to get started on Pinterest – hope you find it useful! If anyone needs an invite, they can get in touch with us on our page – happy to help!

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the post.  I thoroughly enjoyed your article too, it's a great guide for people only starting on Pinterest.  I'll share it on my Facebook page.  

  3. very nice photography have you shared which show the interior designing of home, I am very interested in interior designing and looking for this type of sharing thanks for sharing.

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