The Devil Is In The Detail

When it comes to design, the devil is in the detail.  It’s the finishing touch that can make or break a successful design.   The same goes for entertaining.  Wow your guests with these extra touches and you’ll be the Hostess with the Mostess 🙂

Say it with flowers

Nothing tops the sight and scent of a beautiful floral arrangement.  There are countless ways to display flowers depending on the type of holder and the stems you’re using.

Your arrangement should suit the setting, lillies are traditionally for a formal gathering, tulips, or peonies for more casual events.  Use stems that are in season to save cost.

Less can be more when it comes to displaying flowers, for example a couple of Calla Lillies in a fishbowl can look stunning on a dining table.

Or place some rose or peonies in vintage tea cups for a wonderful eclectic arrangement.

It can be expensive to have fresh flowers all the time so save money by using cut stems from the garden or use artificial flowers.  The beauty of fake flowers is you can move them around your home as you choose and they are so realistic now it’s often difficult to tell the difference just by looking at them.

Tip: make it even more difficult for your guests to know if they’re fake or not by burning a scented candle with the stems scent next to the display.

Dining Table

Don’t set the table the same way each time you have guests for dinner.  Change the look of your table to match the theme or tone of your event. Pick a colour scheme or add some props to introduce interest to your table.

An apple and a piece of fern add a natural element to this setting.

Vintage dining table

 A mostly white table setting gets a punch of colour with fuchsia cloth napkins.

Have a look at this video from Kelly Hoppen as she gives a step by step guide on setting a dining table in classic organic Oriental style.

For more ideas and tips in dressing your dining table click here and here and there’s  another one here

Welcome Pack

Adding a few little extras to your guest room will really make your visitors feel special. Leave a little welcome pack of fresh towels, some toiletries and tissues in a basket.

One of the things I admire most when staying at a nice hotel, is the beautiful way the towels are displayed in the bathroom.

Check out this video for some creative ways to fold your towels and impress your guests.   It’s actually not as difficult as you might think.

And of course the number one tip to being the perfect hostess………

Relax and enjoy yourself 🙂


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