The Blog Awards Ireland 2013

It seems like only a year ago when I came to you with my begging bowl in hand asking you to nominate me in The Blog Awards 2012.  Guess what  🙂

 Once again I’d love if you would take the time to vote for me in this years awards.  I’m nominated in the Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Blog of an SME.

If you enjoy reading my ramblings, just click on the image below and fill out the online form (it will only take about 30 seconds).

blog awards ireland


The information you’ll need is:

Email of Blog:
Name of Blog: Emerald Interior Design
Web Address of Blog:


Tick the box for “This blog is written by someone currently resident in Ireland” and then say something nice about me 🙂

Last year I made it as far as the Short List Stage in both categories so I was pretty chuffed as it was my first year to enter.  So I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself this year 🙂

As this is the year of The Gathering, a new category has been added inviting all Irish bloggers living oversees to enter the awards.  The Best Blog of the Diaspora is open to all bloggers with Irish roots.  The blogs can be of any theme, and you can enter from wherever you are in the world.  And who knows if you win, it could be an opportunity to come home for 12th October!

Finally if you’re a blogger and you’re also entering the competition, tell me your blog in the comments section and I’ll be delighted to vote for it.

Thanks Karen xx

About Karen

My name is Karen Hughes and I'm an Interior Designer from Dublin, Ireland. I’m passionate about design and I started this blog as a way to connect with others just as passionate as myself. I tend to ramble on about all sorts of things, projects I’m working on, people, places and things that inspire me (and some that don’t). So put the kettle on, get comfy and settle in. I hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to say hello. Visit my website to find out more about my services and view my work.

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