A Collection Of My Halloween Decoration Ideas

If you do a search on this website (or google for that matter), you’ll find no end of ideas for decorating your home for Halloween. But who wants to spend their day trawling through the archives when you have yours truly here do it for you! So being the helpful little bunny that I am, I’ve compiled a few of the most popular posts and images from this blog to inspire you and add some fireworks to your Halloween decor.

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Black And Orange Is The Colour Of The Day

Traditionally black and orange is the colour of Halloween. Orange being the prevalent autumn tone, derived from the colours of the landscape, fallen leaves and of course pumpkins. It is also a colour which signifies strength and endurance.

Black depicts the colour of death and witches hats, cauldrons and black cats all signify the feast of All Hallows. And of course the blackness of the night cloaks the misdeeds and mayhem that may ensue later tonight!

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