Christmas Round Here

How are all your Christmas preparations going, hopefully you’re all organised and still stress free.

I’m pretty much on tract at this stage. As many of you know we are living with my mum at the moment so it’s nice getting a different home to decorate. Luckily mum is as crazy about Christmas as I am so together we’re well on the way to creating a Christmas wonderland.

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Christmas Giveaway!

To celebrate Christmas and to make up for the silence on this blog for the past month, I’m going to offer you the chance to win this gorgeous print from children’s illustrator, Irene Gough Illustrations. All you have to do is visit my Facebook page and leave a comment under the post as to why you should win. The comment with the most likes will win. Simple!

Competition closes on Wednesday 10th December so be quick.

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Countdown to Christmas Week

Like many of you at the moment, I’ve been running around like a mad woman trying to get everything organised for Christmas. Hard to believe too, that in less than 2 weeks it will be all over. The fuss, the rushing around the shops, the chaos, the tantrums, the stress! And all for one day! However……. for the next week and a half there is a strong possibility of chaos, stress and tantrums!!

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Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Virginia O’Hanlon had begun to doubt there was a Santa Claus because her friends had told her her he did not exist. Virginia wrote to the New York Sun newspaper as her father told her, if you see it in The Sun, it is so. The editorial “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” became one of the most reprinted english language editorials of all time.

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