7 Steps to a Stylish Christmas

I love Christmas!  I love the festivities and the entertaining.  I love admiring the beautifully decorated homes, (and giggling at the crass ones 🙂 )  I love putting up the Christmas decorations and I hate taking them down.

When it comes to decorating my home, I have a few Christmas themes which I alternate over the years to keep my décor looking fresh.  Here are my tips on how to create a Stylish Christmas in your home.

1. Pick a Theme

Every design plan starts with a concept and Christmas is no different.  Continuity is key so pick a theme and stick with it.  It can also be a good idea to choose a scheme that ties in with your existing décor so your accessories and soft furnishings will enhance the overall effect.

Traditional Red & White Christmas

Cool White Christmas

2. Light Up Your Life

I love the soft flicker of candle light throughout the year but there is something magical about the sparkling glow at Christmastime.  Add candles and soft fairy lights around your home for a festive glow.

But please people I beg you… go easy on the outside illuminations!

3. Lay On The Layers

Depth and texture are very important.  When dressing the tree, add some decorations on the inner branches to give it dimension and depth.  Group sets of ornaments together and vary the shapes and sizes to add interest.

4. Putting On The Glitz

Christmas is the one time of the year when we can give everything a bit more bling!  Add crystals, beads and gems to table settings; candle holders and napkin rings for extra sparkle.

You don’t have to go with these Swarovski Crystal Napkin Rings by l-object .  There are plenty of faux versions in the high street to choose from.

5. It’s Not Just About The Tree

Add some festive touches to unexpected areas of your home, like the bathroom or guest room.  Wow your guests with a little festive welcome pack such as wrapping some toiletries in a little reindeer facecloth.

 Even the Home Office can get the festive touch!

6. Set The Table

Christmas is one of the few times of the year that we can sit around the table and relax for hours on end with family and friends.  In my previous post I showed you some creative ways to set your table on Christmas Day.  However have the table set in a more relaxed way for the rest of the festive season, and you are prepared for unexpected guests at the drop of a hat.

7. Seasonal Scents

Scented candles; cinnamon sticks, oranges, cloves and mulled wine all invoke the wonderful feeling of Christmas.  But don’t go overboard, you don’t want your guests eyes watering as they walk in the door.

DIY Cinnamon Stick Candles from The Inspired Room

For more tips on Designing Christmas, have a look at this Guest Post I did a couple of years ago over at Garrendenny Lane.

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