Tick Tock Tick Tock – Spring Forward Summers Coming

 The clocks go forward tomorrow night which is a good sign (we hope) that summer is on her way! 

We can look forward to bright sunny days, warm weather and daylight extending late into the evening. We will light the BBQ instead of the fire and have months of warm balmy weather on the horizon.  

Who am I kidding this is Ireland!!!  Well at least the rain will be warmer  😛 

But we live in hope and the first step towards our hot Irish summer is to remember to put the clocks forward.  Although these days most of our devices remember to do it themselves, smart little things that they are  😛 

Whether it’s on your phone, your oven or your wall, a clock is an essential time keeping device (usually to remind us we’re late for something)  but they can also be a beautiful accessory for our walls, mantle or side tables.

Here are 7 of my favourite time keepers right now. 

Go Big

An oversized clock dominating a large expanse of wall is a great dramatic statement and can transform a plain wall. 

A large iron clock with cut out design is a classic design statement.  Although large it is surprisingly unobtrusive as it blends into the wall and doesn’t detract from a rooms colour palette. 

Keep track of loved ones abroad

clocks go forward for summer

Found on Pinterest

Almost all of us have a family friend or relation living overseas that we like to keep in touch with.  Save yourself the trouble of doing the maths on the time difference with this funky cuckoo clock I spotted on Pinterest.  Sadly I can’t find the original source as the article doesn’t list the supplier. 


I also love this time zone clock from Red Earth.  I love how it’s so neat and doesn’t take up too much wall space, perfect on a narrow wall. 

The Big Daddy Of Them All

The Grandfather Clock was considered the epitome of traditional interiors but can look fantastic in today’s bright modern homes.  

Tell The Time In Words

clocks go forward for summer

Available from biegert and Funk

I still adore this clock I pinned to my Pinterest board a number of years ago.  Sadly they are NOT cheap and unless I want to engage a divorce lawyer I won’t be buying one any time soon  😛 

Wake Up In Style

Wake up in style with this glamorous bed side clock from Mindy Brownes’ Timeless Collection. So pretty!


And finally for the creative among you, how ingenious is this?  The Blank Wall Clock designed by Martí Guixé is based around the concept that objects have become tools for perceiving reality of every day, and also for communicating not only with objects, but also with other people through the objects. Use it to write dreams, goals or even make sentences for every hour of the day.

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