Sneak Peek At A Design Project I’m Working On!

Like a lot of designers, I’m loving grey as a base colour in my design projects at the moment.  It’s a great shade to use alongside stronger more predominant colours such as yellow, orange, pink, citrus (and as I’m using on a project at the moment, aubergine). It gives a wonderful backdrop to these strong colours and makes the predominant colour pop, yet still invokes a harmonious feel to a space.

Traditionally grey has been such an underrated colour on the spectrum and has often got bad press. It’s been known as a drab, boring shade of neither black or white……….a colour of uncertainty almost!

But over the last few years grey has finally begun to shine, and I for one am delighted!

It’s just such an adaptable shade to work with. Depending on which temperature you use (cool or warm) it can add depth and elegance to a neutral palette, or can be the perfect backdrop when introducing stronger colours.

At the moment I’m using it in light bright living/dining area and I’m introducing tones of aubergine and mustard into the palette.

emerald interior design colour palette

We are using a base tone of Colortrend Abyssinian on the walls teamed with aubergine upholstery and a Prestigious Textile fabric from the Sumatra collection on the windows.

Sumatra by Prestigious Textiles

In the dining space I’m using the most gorgeous grey frosted glass dining table from Calligaris with a mixture of grey and mustard basil chairs.

key table

basil chair

There’s also a brand new kitchen and bathroom being installed along with two bedrooms so make sure you check back to see how this project progresses.

We’re still at design stage and there is a lot of construction works to be carried out before we get to the “pretty stuff” but I’ll be sure to fill you in on along the way.

Watch this space………

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