Room With A View – Create A Balcony Retreat

A balcony can be a perfect place to relax on a warm summers evening. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, don’t let it become a home for bikes, toys and other junk. Transform it into a functional recreational space where you can sit and watch the world go by.

Suspended bench on balcony

I love this suspended bench. I could happily sit here with a nice glass of wine and a good book. Image from Pinterest

Upcycled wine boxes create an edible garden on the tiny balcony.

Up-cycled wine boxes create an edible garden on this tiny balcony. Image from


Image from InteriorHolic


This bright patio area has a real mediterranean feel to it.  Image source Pinterest


Create a vertical garden with a sheet of wood and some small pots. Image from Stylish Eve


A functional cabinet painted in a bright colour livens up a dark balcony and provides essential storage. Image from Pinterest 

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  1. I love this little closet it looks adorable! 😀

  2. Great idea!!! A balcony is really for leisure, but somebody is using it as a junk area. Actually it is a nice place to rest and having fun. We can maintain a small garden there, it gives fresh air to home.
    Thank you for sharing your great views.

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