Photo Of The Week – Week 40 & 41

In an effort to catch up with myself, I’m bundling together my Photo’s Of The Week from the last 2 weeks this morning.

Week 40 – 30th Sept to 5th Oct

Where old meets new - Emerald Interior Desigh

On Wednesday 3rd October, I attended a paint processing workshop in Colortrend Paint factory in Celbridge, Co Kildare.

The factory is located in what was once an old Union Workhouse which housed County Kildare’s “paupers” from 1841-1923.

In September 1845, the potato blight struck and the potato crop, (the staple diet of the majority of the irish population), became diseased leading to hunger, poverty, illness and destitution. During those famine years conditions in the workhouse were appalling. It is said that fever patients lay naked on straw, with the living and dead lying next to one another. In 1847 an official report found that a death was taking place every hour.

The workhouse was closed after the creation of the Irish Free State in 1921 and was later used as a barracks.

Today it is home to Colortrend and they have done a wonderful job adapting this listed building to meet the needs of a modern industrial plant. The lab and office areas are located within the old building with new windows fitted in front of the original ones. This image above is of the warehouse area which has been built around the old internal courtyard.  I love the textures and contrasts of the brickwork and the original windows, against the modern girders.

Week 41 – 6th to 12th October

Berries - Emerald Interior Design

My favourite shot from last week is this one I took in mums garden on Saturday morning.  I just really like the way the sunlight is reflecting through the leaves.  You can see a better view of this image on my Project 365 page (click on the image to enlarge it and view it on a black backdrop.

Have a good weekend everyone xx

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