Have Nothing In Your House………..

that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful

Wise words for one William Morris

Our home is full of practical essential items, crockery, bedding, towels, utensils, furniture etc. But they are just items to fill a house, the things that make up the first part of that famous quote.  It’s the things that make up the second part of the quote that make a house a home!

Here is my 4 essentials that make a house not only beautiful but a beautiful home.

1. Fresh flowers


Fresh flowers are wonderful for brightening up a home.  And in these summer months there is no need to fork out wads of cash on expensive flowers.  Pick a few blooms from the garden, pop them in a vase on the kitchen window and bring the outdoors in.

2. Art

scrapbook framed art

Image from j and l projects 

Again there is no need to invest in expensive artwork.  If your budget doesn’t stretch to original artwork browse your local art fair or get a print of a favourite painting. Or you might just try framing a sentimental postcard or photograph of your favourite holiday destination. You could even try framing some colourful wrapping paper or scraps of wall paper.

3. A coffee table photograph album

Image from Houzz

In this day of smart phones and social media, the tradition of actually printing photo’s has almost disappeared.  You’d be amazed how often you and friends will flick through a photo album if it’s sitting on the coffee table.  And if you select one with sleeves rather than the ones you have to glue you can change the photo’s often and retain interest.

4. A Place To Sit


And I don’t mean the chair in front of the TV.  A quiet corner where you can cozy up with a good book, relax during those long gossipy phone calls, or just sit and zone out from the world.  For more idea’s on creating a cozy corner check out my blog post A Place To Relax

What about your home? What beautiful item do you have in your home that you truly love?


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  1. A place to sit with a cup of coffee and that beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers around; this is bliss! I second your thoughts, I guess this is the best way to ensure ‘life’ within your home. After all every home has something to express. So why not make that expression lively and captivating 🙂

  2. That certainly sounds like bliss to me Jacqueline 🙂

  3. Looks great! There is nothing better place than a home. 🙂

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