Not Quite The Weekend I Had Planned

So there I was looking forward to my bank holiday weekend.  We had gone for a walk with the dog, met some friends and were home for the evening…….

When this happened!


It was the simplest thing. The dog had kindly left one of his chew toys right outside kitchen door.  I walked out into the hall, stepped on it and went careering down the hall, landing in a heap on the ground.


The offending weapon!

I knew immediately it wasn’t good! However the idea of going to the A&E Department in Blanchardstown Hospital on a bank holiday weekend didn’t appeal.  I’d been there about a month ago with John and we sat for 8 hours before he was even seen to!!! And that was on a Monday afternoon, so you can imagine what a bank holiday Saturday night would be like.

So being the brave little solider that I am, I endured the pain, got little or no sleep and watched the clock until 10am on Sunday morning when we made our way over to The Hermitage Clinic for an x-ray.

I thought I’d probably sprained it but it turns out my foot is broken and I also managed to tear some tendons in the process!

I will have the cast on for about 4 – 6 weeks so I can’t drive, can’t work, can’t even walk the dog…… pretty much helpless!!!


So why you might ask am I smiling in this photo?

It had obviously not yet dawned on me how much of a pain this is going to be 🙁

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