Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are an essential element in a design scheme.  They intensify light and add depth to a room.   Mirrors work great in every room, and work particularly well in hallways or rooms lacking in natural light.

A mirror will add elegance and drama to a space and brighten up dark drab corners. Think carefully when choosing the placement of the mirror so as to reflect attractive views or artwork on adjacent walls.

Here are some clever and creative ways mirrors can be used as a design feature in a room.

A large oversized mirror is the focal point in this room and makes a dramatic statement.  Place on a floor resting against the wall in a bedroom or hall for maximum impact. But of course make sure you secure it to the wall for safety reasons).

Heather Garrett Design contemporary dining room

Sunburst mirrors look great over a console table or fireplace mantle.  Their unusual shape adds visual interest to a space.

SHH modern bedroom


Who says you can only have one mirror on a wall.  Hang a group together and display them like artwork.  I love the effect of these bubble mirrors in this London house.  A very creative way to brighten up a boring wall!

Give your hallway a bold new look by covering a mirror in your favourite linens and create a striking stripy pattern. Create rough seams for a relaxed look or neat ones for a smarter feel. – from House to Home 

utopia projects modern powder room
This eye catching mirror makes a very dramatic statement in this small cloakroom.  Images courtesy of houzz.com


And you don’t have to stick to walls.  Place a full length mirror on a table and set candles on it for a stunning centre piece.

 Image via Real Simple


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  1. Found the mirror with the wash basin a little bit to awkward for my
    tastes, but hey – it's not my room to judge! Sunburst mirrors are like
    mirrors and artworks in a single package. I find them absolutely useful
    for filling up a vacant wall behind a console table. I remember seeing a
    setting were they demonstrated how mirrors dramatically add more light
    to a dark room – it's really fantastic.

  2. I agree, it’s a bit intrusive for a family home. But it could look pretty spectacular in a hotel or nightclub cloakroom. Delighted to meet another mirror addict though 🙂

  3. Aside from mirrors , Kechara Tibetan Thangkas are pieces of artwork that you can hang anywhere within your household.

  4. All designs of wall are very attractive and eye catching.As always i love your decoration style of either home,bedroom,toilet or wall.

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