It’s my 2nd Blogaversary!

I can’t believe it’s two years ago since I sat in front of my PC staring at the words Hello World !

I decided I was not going to go with WordPress’s standard template and instead opted for the much more creative title of Hello and Welcome instead.  God only knows how long it took me to come up with that one 🙂

I can still remember the panicked feeling I had before I hit the Publish button.  I wasn’t quite sure which would be worse:-

1.      that I could be talking to myself as no body would read it

          or worse

2.      people would read it, think it was stupid and laugh at me.

Since then I’ve written on average one post a week, have gained over 1,200 subscribers, had over 38,000 visitors to my site and have had nearly 120,000 pageviews.  Phew and I thought I was talking to myself!

This blog has been a great way for me to share ideas, engage with my customers and fill you all in on the chaos that I call my life!  I generally blog about Interior Design but occasionally ramble off on different topics such as The Queens visit to Ireland, family celebrationsIrelands Euro 2012 campaign, even the weather!

It always amazes me how often people revisit my old articles.  And I must admit, it is nice to know they are not just buried in the archives never to re-surface again.  In fact of the top 5 most read posts,  at least one of them is sure to appear on my visited list almost every day.  In case you were wondering, here are the top 5 most read posts of all time……

Make an Entrance – Big Ideas for a Small Space   A post offering advice and inspiration for decorating a small hallway.

Easter Decorating Ideas (Funny how many hits that one gets, even when it’s nowhere near Easter!)

Thank Heavens for Little Girls – Ideas for decorating a little girls bedroom.  This post has been shared over 1,000 times!

Anything for an Easy Life – Looks like I’m not the only one who loves to find little things that make our life easier.  This post covers loads of little tips and tricks to help simplify life.  Not surprisingly this article has proved very popular on Pinterest

Funky Home Offices – Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish workplace.

When I began writing this blog, it never occurred to me how many people (if any) would follow my musings.  Even though my stats tell me how many visitors I have to the site, you never really know who is reading unless they leave a comment, and of course not everyone leaves comments.  So it always astounds me when someone comes up to me and tells me they read the blog.  Makes my day every time 🙂

Thank you to everyone who reads; comments and contributes to this blog.  Some of you I know, but many of you I don’t. You have all been so wonderful and I couldn’t possibly have made it this far without you.





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  1. Congrats, and love the Anything for an Easy Life post!

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