How And Where To Use Stripes

Stripes are a firm favourite with many interior design styles and can be used to create interest and style to a space, as well as giving an illusion of height or width.

Vertical stripes on a window fabric for example can make a window appear taller, while horizontal stripes can make a room seem wider than it is in reality.  When incorporating stripes in a design, the choice is endless so knowing where and how to incorporate them is essential.

Elongate a Narrow Hallway.

Make a hallway seem endless by using a stripe rug to draw the eye along the length of the room.

Add Width

Large horizontal stripes can make a room appear wider.  This works particularly well in small areas such as small bedrooms or bathrooms as the stripe “pushes” the wall outward and makes the space seem bigger.

When defining a small area, try using stripes of varying width to add interest to the space and create a focal point.

The feature wall at the end of this small dining area draws the end down the room.  The stripe opens out the room and the space appears less cramped.  Click here to see this room before the transformation.  You can read the full article here

Random Stripes

I absolutely love this effect in this little girls room.  The pattern is so random and the large gaps between the stripes prevents the room from closing in.  You could have so much fun with this and create a truly individual room.

Here is another bespoke option this time for a boys room.  These stripes in 3 different shades of blue are broken up with a white stripe in-between.

Vertical Stripes

Nothing brings a room to life like magnificent drapes framing a window.  They are one of the most important elements in a space as they provide, colour, texture, warmth and  ……Scale!
Vertical stripes are often used in window treatments and as a tiling feature in a bathroom as they give the appearance of height.

This narrow window appears tall and regal framed with these beautiful French style drapes.

Less is More

I’ve said it again and again.  When it comes to design sometimes less is more.  Unless the room can take it, don’t overwhelm a space with large intrusive stripe patterns.  Select a focal point and allow the design to flow from that. Sometimes a single cushion is often enough to create impact.

Counteract busy stripe elements with soft subdued elements for a more harmonious look.

This blue and white stripe upholstery is softened by the more muted tones in the rest of the space.

Bedrooms With Punch

In bedroom areas, consider incorporating stripes though bedding and soft furnishings. Select bold dark colours set against a neutral backdrop to make a big impact.

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