Happy Easter 2013

I want to wish everyone who celebrates it, a very Happy Easter.   I hope you enjoy your long weekend relaxing, having fun with family and friends and eating plenty of scrummy eggs.

easter bunny

And sorry that it’s been a bit quiet around here this month.  I am working on two big projects at the moment so I just haven’t had the time to blog.  But I have loads of wonderful decorating ideas and tips in store for you so stay tuned!!

I do feel guilty though for not giving you my usual dose of Easter decorating inspiration. So to ease my conscience and so I don’t neglect you totally, you check out some of my previous posts here here and here too 

One of the few advantages of living in little auld Ireland is that the country practically closes down today (Good Friday).  So it means we get to have a lovely long bank holiday weekend.  And boy do I need it 🙂


I’ve been working flat out the last few weeks.  So the plan for the weekend is to catch up on some very much needed sleep.  Although I will surface on Sunday to see how many eggs the Easter Bunny brought me (yes John if you’re reading this take note ……  eggs…… plural 🙂 )

I hope you have a safe and wonderful Easter and I will see you back here on Tues 2nd April.

Have a good one

Karen xx


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  1. Love the phots x happy Easter

  2. Sorry Photos ahhh

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