Guest Post: Modernly Modern Living Rooms

This week I’m delighted to feature a guest post from Kristen Crosby who gives us plenty of inspiration in designing a modern living space.

Hi there! I’m Jenn and I’m a writer for Design Shuffle, a social media website that tracks the top interior design ideas and trends from across the globe and features stunning inspiration! I’ve been writing about home decor for more than a decade and I get giddy over fabulous rooms, beautiful light fixtures, antiques, and more. Every day I start with a strong cup of coffee and a few of my favourite design blogs, like Emerald Interior Design, and when I found out I’d be guest posting here today I was so excited. Thanks for having me Karen!

Modern interior design can range from art-deco-inspired spaces to stark and minimalist designs. Choosing a very contemporary look is popular in living rooms designs and can be carried out through the use of color, furniture, and home accessories. Here are eight incredible and modernly mod living rooms, each with a distinct style but all equally chic.

Modern Living Room

An all-white palette allows the natural colours from the expansive windows, like sage green, to come through in particular details, such as the throw cushions and table decor.

Modern Living Room

Black and white is decidedly striking in a modernly mod living room, however it’s the dashes of gold-ish yellow and touches of green that make this living room design especially unique.

Modern Living Room

Stripes scream avant-garde good looks, and here, it complements the geometric architecture and design of the living room.

Modern Living Room

The exposed wood and open-floor concept offer an interesting juxtaposition to the modern elements of this space, from the low furniture to the abstract artwork.

Modern Living Room

Animal prints are always a great choice for the interior design of a modernly mod living room – here a black and white zebra rug is mimicked in the window treatments and floral couch cushions.

Modern Living Room

The colour scheme of this vibrant living room sets the entire tone of this modish interior. The bird wall decals and antique birdcage are the perfect finishing touches. Does the bright yellow and gray combo spark any living room design ideas?

Modern Living Room

What’s so unique about this space is how long it is, particularly because of the double windows integrated into the end of the room. Everything is kept below eye-level, from the wall hangings to statue.

Modern Living Room

The interior design of this modernly mod living room features a variety of patterns and textures, like soft sheer curtains, dramatic black damask wallpaper, leather, and more.

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Do you love these modern living room inspirations? You’ll find more at Design Shuffle where you learn about various interior design styles and connect with San Francisco interior designers and more!

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