Gorgeous Grey

Between the weather and the economy we have more than our fair share of grey in this country!  But grey doesn’t have to be the colour of doom and gloom.  In fact soft tones of grey teamed with strong vibrant colours is one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment.

So when Elish of the Irish Furniture and Home Accessories Fair asked my advice in selecting a colour for her home in Portobello I seized the opportunity to show that grey can be beautiful.

We often associate grey in kitchens or bathrooms as it evokes a feeling of hard industrial surfaces.  But by using layers and textures grey can have amazing effects on living spaces.

Grey is a “Grown Up Colour”. It oozes sophistication; elegance; romance, masculinity. It is not a shade to use in playful or children’s areas which makes it great for identifying adult only zones!

Exploit the neutral properties of grey by toning it with light and dark colours.  When choosing a dark grey backdrop select strong contrasting accent colours for visual appeal but team lighter greys with paler colours, or with white and black.  Add layers and textures in rich luxurious textiles like a velvet sofa or a patterned or deep pile rug.  Inject some sparkle with chrome or crystal.

Here are some of some of my favourite images which I hope will give you some inspiration to let a little grey into your life!

A stunning burnt orange and grey colour palette.  Image from Emerald Interior Design Pinterest Page 


Image from Rosalie Fiennes Architectural Interior Design

Source: fime.tumblr.com


Simple grey teamed with pinks brings life to this space


Source: i990.photobucket.com

Image from a little dash of ash

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