Give Your Hall Personality

Decorating ideas for a narrow hallway.

For those of you who live in shall we say a “standard” Semi D, chances are you have a narrow hall with the stairs on one side, the door to the living room on the other and possibly a door to the kitchen straight ahead.  Adding interest to a space like this often creates difficulties as there is not a lot of floor space and quite often little or no natural light.

Also as the hall is a high traffic area it must practical and durable.

So how do you turn a boring hall into a welcoming inviting space?

A mirrored wall will reflect light in an otherwise dark space. Image from

A great way to add interest to your hallway and create additional storage at the same time, is to build some narrow shelving to house your cd and dvd collection. Just be aware that your visitors may judge you! That’s a NO for my Westlife collection so 🙂   Image from

gallery wallAdd interest to a blank wall with a picture gallery. A vertical grouping works very well on a narrow wall, hang pictures high and low and mix in accessory pieces to add interest. Image source: Amy’s Casablanca

narrow hall

Repetition works very well in a long narrow space.  Repeat light fittings, picture frames, and furniture to draw the eye down the space. Image from Pinterest

monochrome chic

Less is more. White painted stairs and a classic grey runner makes this hall appear wider and gives a very elegant feel to this space. Image source: Life.Style Etc

Picture rail emerald interior design

A radiator cover works very well in tight spaces and provides a shelf where space is too restricted for furniture such as a console table. Picture rails are another great space-saving option and allow you to change the arrangement on a whim. Image from Emerald Interior Design 

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  3. “A blank wall with a picture gallery”, that looks cool. I’m very serious about decorating my home and as you mentioned light in these large spaces plays a major role in interior designing. I really attracted to the repetition works done in that long narrow space, the extra light fittings and pictures altogether makes it more attractive.

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  8. Hi there, could you tell me where I could find the wallpaper on the last picture – the one with the striped stair carpet? I’ve been looking for inspiration for our hallway and I love that wallpaper

  9. Hi Tina, the wallpaper is from Prestigious Textiles View Collection. The pattern is called Rise and the colour was Mist. Hope that helps. Regards Karen

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  11. Hi James, thanks for visiting. I don’t know the make of that particular light fitting but National Lighting and Hicken Lighting in Dublin both have extensive ranges of similar contemporary light fittings. Hope that helps. Karen

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