Get “Set” for Christmas

After the guests and the food, one of the most important things to consider when entertaining, is the table setting.  The dining table sets the stage and creates the wow factor for your guests when they enter the room.  And if you’re cooking is anything like mine, you’ll hope the table setting may take their minds off the food.  🙂

Gone are the days when setting the table at Christmas meant polishing up the best silverware, and getting out the china dishes and crystal glassware.  Today when setting the table, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

There are some elements to consider which will set the mood when you’re entertaining and give your table some pizazz.  First begin by deciding on the look you want to create.   Do you want to stick to a formal setting or go for something more eclectic.  Or maybe you’d like to introduce some fun into proceedings.  Whatever look you want to achieve, it’s the finer details which will make your table sparkle.

Centre Pieces

Be careful when selecting your centre piece.  Choosing something too tall or too large will hinder the conversation flow and visually block your guests from each other.

A low centrepiece will accent your table without getting in the way.

For a more formal setting, taper candles set in bowls of flowers laid equidistantly down the table looks striking.

Place Names

Make your guests feel special with individual place cards.  Simply cut out cardboard or use luggage tags as a cheap alternative to pre-printed cards.  There are countless imaginative ways to display your name tags.


Tie a tag to a small jar with a tea light

Or attach a small gift wrapped favour at each table setting.

Insert the name tag into a piece of fruit for an eclectic look.

Or go for the Victorian look with these scroll effect place tags.

Napkins and Table Linen

A table runner is a great alternative to a tablecloth; it not only looks fantastic, but is a lot less expensive.   Also, you can easily create different themes simply by introducing different colour runners and napkins.  Be creative with your napkin holders.

Tie a simple knot in a linen napkin for an contemporary look.

Or tie some kumquat with ribbon to juice up your setting.

Fold the napkin in a square, and tie it like a package with pretty silk ribbon.

Don’t restrict your decor merely to  the table.  Continue your theme on the side table, fire mantle etc.  Use small selections of flowers, candles, pinecones, even hurricane vases filled with candles and nuts makes a great impact.

Think outside the box when considering your floral displays.  Instead of vases use whatever is to hand, jars, pretty bottles, even bowls.

 Here birch bark wrapped around glass jars filled with simple white flowers makes for an unusual rustic arrangement.

 I hope you found some interesting ideas on how to set your table this Christmas.

Have fun.

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