Get Organised: Set Up A Gift Wrapping Station

The season of wrapping paper and ribbon is upon us.  That wonderful time of year when we frantically rummage through the house locating scissors, pens, ribbon and tags, followed by hours spent hunched over on the floor wrapping gifts. All the while vowing that “next year I will be more organised”!!  

On my quest to bring you the latest wonders of the web, I often drool over my keyboard on the beautiful rooms dedicated to gift wrapping stations.  Now I don’t have that many rooms let alone friends to warrant such folly:-) but the Virgo in me still yearns for a dedicated space to store my supplies and keep me organised.

Last year a friend of mine (thank you Fiona) bought me this super Santa Sack to hold all my wrapping paper supplies.

It is such a godsend!  No more trying to remember which drawer I last stuffed the cellotape in, or ending up with 2 of everything because I’m not sure if I had some already and bought more just in case!!!.  I’ve  also cleared out a wardrobe in a spare room which will  (some day soon maybe I hope) become my permanent wrapping station.

I’ve been looking for some pretty and creative ways to organise my storage and here’s a few images I’ve found to inspire me.

Kitchen spice racks screwed to the back of the door are perfect to keep everything tidy and in view.  From The Inspired Room

Nancys Craft Studio traditional home office

Another back of the door option.  This time a plastic shoe holder is used to hold greeting cards.

Even a bathroom vanity unit can be an excellent workstation.  From Givers Log

Here CD baskets are screwed to the door to hold cards and rolls of paper.  From Atypical Type A 

This is a really clever idea from 33 Shades of Green.  Attach curtain rods to an empty picture frame to create this pretty and functional paper and ribbon rack.

There you go.  I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to store your piles of wrapping paper, bows and ribbon.

One last thing,  here are a couple of little tips to keep you organised and sane this year.

  1. Pick a colour scheme.  How often have you gotten half way through your gift wrapping and you’re left with a hand full of scrap paper with ribbons and tags in every colour except the one colour you’re looking for.  Make life easy, pick one or two colours and stick with it.
  2. Go Green.  Look around the house and see if there are any household containers you can re-invent as gift boxes.  Pizza and cereal boxes are great options.  Not only will you impress your friends and family with your caring attitude towards our planet, you’ll save yourself some cash too.
  3. As you buy a gift – wrap it.  That way there is no last minute panic on Christmas Eve trying to get the last of your gifts wrapped.
  4. It may seem obvious but make sure you have everything you need before you start.  Have a little caddy holding scissors, tape, stapler and pens at the ready.
  5. Don’t break your back by hunching on the floor trying to wrap your gifts.  If you haven’t room at the table, ironing boards make excellent temporary wrapping stations.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please leave a comment or and share any tips you may have to help us survive the silly season.

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