Father’s Day Without Your Dad

When dad was with us, Father’s Day was never a big deal in our house.  Mainly because he was what you’d call a “man’s man” and not the sentimental type when it came to hallmark days! Don’t get me wrong, when it came to loving and caring for his family, he was a big softie  🙂

But since we’ve lost him, this is one day of the year that can really get to me.  It could be because of all the gift idea emails and press releases that flood my inbox in the run up to it. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a sentimental old fool 🙂

But this post is not about me being sentimental. This is a little shout out to all of you who are members of the one club that no one wants to join!

It’s my way of remembering all the dads who we can’t buy a Father’s Day card for, or who we aren’t able to do something special with today.

fathers day in heaven

My dad passed away suddenly 8 years ago and there is still not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.  A lot of my qualities I got from my dad: I have an articulate eye with attention to detail, I’m a bit of a neat freak, a good organiser and I’m pretty handy with a screwdriver and drill.  I’m fun to be with (I think), have a quirky sense of humour and like him, have been known to like the odd drink or two 🙂

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I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones in that I made it to my adult life before I lost him and I have many many memories of the times we shared.

To all of you who are lucky enough to still have your dad with you, I wish a very Happy Father’s Day.  And for those who are like me, I hope your day is not too sad. Focus on the times you shared together and remember the happy memories.

 Image courtesy of   My Fotolog

Image courtesy of My Fotolog

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  1. Lovely post Karen, will be thinking of you tomorrow too x

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