Double Double Toil & Trouble

When I was growing up Halloween was a time of  bonfires, fireworks, colcannon, barnbrack  and of course….. “Help The Halloween Party”

In Ireland there’s the “Trick or Treat” -v- “Help The Halloween Party” debate…… But in my day it was the latter! Trick or Treat only became popular with the arrival of the “Foreign” TV stations 🙂   I say “foreign” tongue in cheek cos as an Irish kid in the 70’s we only had Radio Telefis Eireann or Go To Bed Early 1 & 2 as it was better known as! 

We did technically “dress up” to go collecting but our costumes came from our parents wardrobe or a sheet transformed into a ghost outfit.  Our collection bucket was a plastic bag and our stash consisted of more monkey nuts than chocolate and sweets. But we didn’t mind getting apples cos we could “duck” for them later.  Different times, different days!

Today I am intrigued with the popularity of Halloween and to see how many people are now decorating their homes for the festival. And there is no shortage of clever decorating ideas out there ……

First outside……

These scary silhouette curtains will be sure to put the heebie jeebies up passers by.

But don’t stop there…….add a spooky touch to your interiors too.

No party is complete without the table arrangement so bring the Ghosts and Ghouls to dinner

For the culinary virtuoso’s among you, you might want to whip up some Cobweb Cookies

Or maybe a Graveyard Gateau.

For a sophisticated yet goolish look, add some disturbing additions to your floral display.

Finally I know I’m gone a bit gaga over our puppy Arthur but I think this is a step too far even for me 🙂

You can even have Fido’s face in your pumpkin …..

Happy Halloween folks and to ensure there are no illegally parked broomsticks on your lawn, make sure to put up the “No Parking” sign.

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  1. Oh, crikey but yes, apparently the Irish are going more for Hallow'een decorations outside now too despite the recession!  I remember the first year we carved out a turnip and put a candle inside it – such excitement, I think I was about 7 at the time.
    Lots of great images here Karen 🙂

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