How to Decorate a Black and White Bedroom

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Q: For many weeks now I have been sitting in my bedroom wondering how I am going to make this small rectangular space a glamorous, classy, ladylike sleeping space. At the moment everything is pretty much white, the bed, the wardrobes, the locker and the walls. I thought if I painted it white I would be going for a glam look if I dressed it up with black accessories but I soon found out that my room was slowly but surely turning out to look like the black and white cow!!

What can I do to make it more glamorous and rich looking.

R  from Dublin


Black and white is a bold combination.  It can be dramatic and glamorous, the epitome of sophistication!  But get it wrong and it could end up, as my reader put it ” looking like the black and white cow” 🙂

When designing a monochromatic or achromatic scheme particularly in an area such as a bedroom there are some important things to consider.


You need to build up layers to stop the space from appearing sterile and bland.  Textures, patterns and shape are vital in order to add interest.



Add pillows and throws and bring in patterns and different ccombinations of fabrics. Mix and match prints and don’t be afraid to throw solid blacks or whites into the mix. Image from

Add glamorous tactile elements such as a black faux fur or a quitled throw for the end of the bed for a luxiourious feel.  Image from House to Home


Introducing a single accent colour is a great way to bring individuality and life to the space.

Black and white with yellow




And Blue all work really well.

Or you might even try using a large block of colour as a focal point, such as a rug or some artwork.

Image from Coco Cozy

Black and white bedroom with red rug

BTW, I can’t remember the source for this image. I normally save the source with the image but I saved this on my mobile and I forgot to note the source. If this is your image, please let me know and I’ll credit the link back to you.


As black absorbs light, it’s important not to overdo it if you want to achieve a light airy feel.  Remember less is more.

In this image from House to Home the striking black and white toile pattern on the bed linen makes the bed instantly stand out. Blankets and clutter are kept out of sight in stylish vintage-style storage cases.

Here the pattern on the black rug is almost reversed on the bed linen and keeps the room light and bright.  Image from RoomEnvy

Make it Shine

Black absorbs light (I know I’ve mentioned that already but it’s important 🙂 ) so use plenty of reflective surfaces.  Mirrors, crystal accents, high gloss furniture and metallic tones will all help to make your room shine and shimmer.

Image from

Have you tried decorating with black and white.  Share you thoughts below.

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