Design Trends for Autumn 2014

Well I’m back from my holidays in the glorious Adriatic Rivera.  The scenery was spectacular and weather was beautiful too (although we did experience the most incredible thunder and lightning storm which lasted over 19 hours without a let up!) I wasn’t a happy camper as I’m a total sun person, although the lightning flashes out over the sea was incredible to watch.

Thankfully it was our 2nd last day and we’d had a week of temperatures hitting 37 degrees up to that, so I couldn’t really find too much cause to complain.


A week of crystal clear waters and blue skies is good for the soul 🙂

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Budva Montenegro

Not a bad view to wake up to every morning 🙂

We stayed in a little town called Budva which it 3,500 years old, one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic Coast.  The old town (seen behind the wall in the photo above) was just amazing. The entire town is pedestrianised which is no wonder as the streets are no more than 3 feet wide.  It’s filled with shops, restaurants and bars. The architecture is very much like Venice with tiny arched shaped doors, lots of pretty shutters on the windows and intricate iron trellis-work on the balconies.

Budva Old Town

But all good things come to an end and we’re firmly back in planet reality with the sun and sea now distant memory 🙁

The sad thing about going on holidays late in the year is that you return to Autumn weather. That said, the weathers been great the last few days.  But try as we might to hold on to the sunshine, Autumn is on its way and Halloween is just around the corner! (BTW, I’ve had loads of searches lately on this blog for Halloween posts, so I will put a new post up shortly with plenty of inspiration for your Halloween entertaining.

Autumn is one of those seasons where I do love to watch the changing colours on the landscape. I always enjoy seeing the leaves turn from rich green to their beautiful copper tones. It’s a time of change in interiors too, with the shops switching their displays from the bright vivid colours of summer to warmer tones for this time of year.

So what is in the stores this season?

This years trends seem to be focusing quite a bit on earthy natural colours mixed with dark woods.


Image source

Natural materials are being incorporated into fabrics and furnishings and wall art, too with cowhide making a big appearance in a variety of colours and applications.


Image from

Navy, burgundy and plum tones are also big this year with furnishings emphasising on rich luxurious textures and finishes. The simple cottons and lines of summer making way for  luxurious velvet, suede and even textured corduroy fabrics.

Instead of settling on one fixed look, designers seem to be opting for a versatile neutral base and using big-impact accents to easily change the decor.

When decorating your own home, don’t be afraid to bring a mixture of colours, textures and finishes into your living space. The confidence to select items that speak to you will keep you from conforming to a rigid or fixed style look and introduce individuality into your home.

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  1. The darks woods combination is a mixture of elegance and resourcefulness!
    Patrick Tan

  2. Lovely photos of your holiday Karen, it looks like a beautiful country. Maybe one day I’ll make it to Europe……….

    btw, I’m loving the plum tones out this year!

  3. Great Post and lovely Designs. These designs gives beautifull finish to home . Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

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