Crystal Light Bulbs

One of my biggest pet hates in a home is a bare light bulb!  There are few things worse than the ugliness and glare of a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling.  However they say there is an exception to every rule and in the case of light bulbs, Lee Brooms Crystal Bulb is definitely the exception.

Individually hand blown, each lead crystal bulb is then cut with a classic crystal cut and finished with a brushed brass fitting.  I really love the way the designer has mixed old and new; function and beauty.  Transforming the ugly light bulb into a stunning design feature.

The light is designed to fit any standard ceiling, wall or lamp fitting and can be hung individually or in groups.  (I’m thinking they would look stunning over a large kitchen island or a dining table).   It can also be purchased with a brushed brass pendant fitting, which includes a gold silk flex and a brushed brass ceiling rose.

And I should point out that it  is a “tad” more durable than the average light bulb as it is fitted with an LED fitting inside the crystal globe. 🙂


Click here to get more information on these adorable light fittings.

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  1. Margaret McPhail

    Are these still available? If so, how much are the bulbs? They are just lovely!!

  2. Hi Margaret, thanks for visiting. You can purchase these directly through the Lee Bloom website –


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