Brighten up the kitchen

There was a time if my better half bought me something for the kitchen for Christmas, he might get it wrapped around his head!  I’m not sure if I’m just getting older or if kitchen appliances and accessories are getting more fun, but I wouldn’t mind getting one of these as a gift….

Add a bit of colour to your morning cuppa.  The Kenwood Kmix Boutique Breakfast range of kettles, toasters and coffee makers will brighten up any kitchen.

Coming in Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Magenta, they will be sure to put a smile of your face and kick start your day.  (John if you’re reading this, I particularly like the Magenta range 😉  )

Joseph Joseph has developed a reputation for designing clever, functional and colourful kitchen accessories.  The quirky designs and zingy colours will add a touch of fun to your kitchen.  One of their signature functions is to design awkward shaped kitchen tools to fold flat saving valuable storage space.

Fire extinguishers are a necessary but lets face it, ugly component in any kitchen.  Well not any more thanks to the French company Fire Design   Now your kitchen can be pretty as well as safe.

I love these.... they remind me of the old soda stream bottles for some reason!

Add a little fun to baking with these brightly coloured figures from  Head Chef Utensils  Each soft silicone figurehead features a different utensil and they can all stand on their own feet.  They might even encourage the little folk to help with the baking.

There is a great colour collection of coloured bins available at Next to blend in with your colour scheme.  And if they don’t have enough colours to choose from you can always go to Brabantia where you can choose from over 200 official RAL colours.

For the ultimate colour injection to a kitchen, consider fitting a glass splashback. They not only add instant colour to your kitchen, but are a beautiful and practical way to protect your walls.


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