Black And Orange Is The Colour Of The Day

For the day that’s in it, I thought I’d share some Halloween colour schemes with you this morning.

Traditionally black and orange is the colour of Halloween. Orange being the prevalent autumn tone, derived from the colours of the landscape, fallen leaves and of course pumpkins. It is also a colour which signifies strength and endurance.

Black depicts the colour of death and witches hats, cauldrons and black cats all signify the feast of All Hallows. And of course the blackness of the night cloaks the misdeeds and mayhem that may ensue later tonight!

Black and orange is a very strong colour combination. However as both are strong colours they need to be used carefully or they can overpower a room.

But get it right and you add some drama to a space.

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Have a very happy and safe Halloween everyone.

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  1. Orange is a tricky color but the designs featured are quite nice!
    Patrick Tan

  2. Orange has been on my mind for the past few months. Which is weird because I always hated that colour. I guess I’m just a victim of the latest trends 🙂 I loooove the hallway with the dark wood floor and the bright orange details!

  3. It does look great doesn’t it, but be careful using such a strong combination. You need a space with plenty of light to pull it off successfully. Good luck 🙂 Karen

  4. Hello Karen,

    Hope you are doing great.. Orange is really a complex color to handle but the way its is used in above designs its amazing.. Nicely done!

  5. Haii Karen , you are right “Black and orange is a very strong colour combination for interior design.” You have to be very careful while using these range of color, however orange color used in the living room is brilliant. It highlights other colors inside the room. I never tried orange and this year when I renovate my house I will definitely consider with black combination.

  6. That`s really a good combination but excessive use of these colors can also give a bad look. Most of times we observed that it gives a dark effect. Wall hanging and other interior designing ideas are very important to make it beautiful. The information provided by you is good and nice sharing as well.

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