Black is Back

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I received an email for a reader in Melbourne recently looking for advice in decorating her bedroom.  She has selected a black velvet crystal encrusted bed, mirrored furniture and a dramatic feature wall.  She had a pretty firm idea of the look she wanted so she really only needed advice with some of the finer details.

So it got me thinking about black design schemes.  Black is a very dramatic colour and can add sophistication or glamour to a space,.  However if you get it wrong you can get it disastrously wrong!

One thing to remember especially when using black in your colour scheme is that “less is more”.  Have one dramatic element in the space, then tone down the other pieces so everything is not fighting with each other!

A simple church bench in this image from takes centre stage

Despite the floral wallpaper, this room with the Barcelona chair, chrome finishes and black bedlinen has a very masculine feel.  Image from

The wicker side table beside the black painted claw bath gives a vintage feel to this bathroom.  Image from Country Living

Black velvet textures teamed with metallic silver accessories gives a touch of glam to this guest bedroom.  Image from Emerald Interior Design.

Punches of colour will brighten and add interest to an otherwise monochromatic scheme.  Using splashes of vibrant pinks, orange or yellow can really bring a scheme to life.

I love the punch of yellow in this image from The 

Pink and plum accessories make a show stopping effect in this dramatic room from Housetohome

Using black against reflective surfaces such as tiles, mirrors and glass conveys a sophisticated feel to a space.  This works particularly well in hall area’s.

This entrance hall from House Beautiful just oozes sophistication.  The designer had the dresser lacquered and the front door with translucent glass panels was designed especially for the space.   And I just love that marble floor!

Have you decorated a black statement room.  Was it successful for you.  Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear from you.

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