Beautiful Photo To Canvas Prints From Photobox is an on-line digital photo service allowing users to upload their own photo’s to the site and print them onto calendars, canvas prints, mugs, mouse mats, the list goes on.

Photobox contacted me recently and asked me if I would like to review their service. Me, photography and techie stuff…. I’m all over it!

However I currently have 6,817 photo’s on my laptop so I had a feeling that it might take a while to find the right image. I knew exactly where I wanted to hang the picture and I had chosen a large size of 61cm x 40.6cm, so I was pretty sure I didn’t want an photograph of me leaping off the wall and scaring the life out of visitors  😛

That narrowed it down to either a landscape scene of one of the boss of the house…….. The Dog!

Luckily I’m a tagging freak when I upload my photo’s so that made life a little easier.

After much dithering, I narrowed it down to one of these two shots –

Arthur Meets Arthur

Arthur Tuohy meeting Arthur Guinness

Arthur posing in the Phoenix Park

Or King Arthur posing in the Phoenix Park

In the end, I chose the latter as it has more colour in it and looked much better on the canvas.  Also Arthur has a serious pose going on!

So hard part over, I logged on to the Photobox website to begin.  The entire process couldn’t be easier.  When you log in,  you first choose the canvas style, shape and size you want. I went with the Canvas Classic, Rectangle 61cm x 40.6cm.  Then you click Create Canvas Now and simply upload your image.


The best part is you get to see what the image looks like on the canvas as you go along. You can wrap the edges, zoom in and out and move the photo however you like.  A little happy face even tells you if the photo quality is good enough.  Save and Order and you’re done!


Cost wise it’s not cheap.  However I did a little search on a few other companies offering the same service and they all came in there or thereabouts so it seems in line with the going rate.

The website aims to have your canvas delivered to your door between 4-8 working days. Mine arrived in 2!

And I love it!  The quality of the image and the sturdiness of the canvas is excellent.  

Here it is hanging proudly in our kitchen.  Excuse the poor photo quality, but it’s very hard to avoid camera shake when you’re taking a photograph on one foot!  😀 



I can safely say it won’t be the only photobox canvas in our house for long………. I’m already re-searching my 6,816 other images.

Disclosure: PhotoBox covered the cost of ordering the print from their website for the purpose of this review. No other payment was received.  As always, my opinions are all my own! 

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