Anything for an easy life

I’m not ashamed to say it, I like an easy life.  I love all the gadgets and gizmo’s that make my life a little easier.  And I especially love it when I discover little tricks that simplifies things even more.

One of lifes essential annoyances are electric cables.  Whether it’s from the TV or the computer, there’s countless cables coming out of the back of them and going into some other device or socket.  The amount of times I’ve ended up crawling around on the floor, trying to figure out which cable belongs to which device. 

Well thanks to Amanda of AB Interiors, I no longer have to.

You know those little connector thingy’s that come with bread.  Simply use them to label your cables and your days of crawling on the floor playing follow the cable are over. 🙂

And what about the cables that you don’t use too often.  Gone is the drawer full of knotted USB and electrical cables.  Put your used toilet roll holders to good use and give each cable it’s own little home.

Ladies, fed up rooting through your make up bag trying to find that particular shade of lippy?  How handy would it be to have all your cosmetics right in front of you.  

All you need is a magnetic board, some small magnets and a glue gun.  You can frame or paint the board any way you like and then just glue a magnet to the back of each container and attach to the board.

You can do something similar to create a pretty jeweller holder.  Cover a small cork board in fabric, frame, screw in some small hooks and viola….

This one is so simple, it’s genius.  You’ve guests coming, you’re making up the spare bed, but you end up having to empty out half of the linen cupboard just to find a full set of matching bed sheets.

Store the sheets inside their own pillow case and never have a mismatched bed set again.

A great way to keep all your gift ribbon together is to hang them from a trouser hanger.  or better still……

Keep them all together in a plastic tub.  The holes work great as dispensers too.

Don’t have room for a home office but you still want to keep all your paperwork in order?  Use a blanket box as an office in a box.

Shoes.  A girl can never have enough of them.  But storing them can be a nightmare.

Just add rollers to the bottom of a plastic rack and store them under the bed.

Make following a recipe easier when cooking, by putting the recipe card inside a CD cover.

When you’re going for a walk, the last thing you want is to have to do is carry around your cash and keys.  Problem solved.  Simply attach a key to a bull dog clip, clamp in your notes and you’re good to go.

Have you any clever little tips that makes your life a little easier.

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  1. Why has it taken me so long to find you??? So many awesome ideas, Thank you!

  2. Hi Lisa, sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply to you but I was on annual leave. Thanks for visiting and I’m glad to hear you enjoy my blog. I hope you enjoy reading all my upcoming posts. Karen

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