Advertising & Guest Posting


I offer a limited number of advertising opportunities to companies or products which I believe match Emerald Interior Designs niche and which will appeal to the personal interests of my readers.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in advertising banners, sidebar adverts, sponsored posts or some other form of creative collaboration. You can send me an email to to receive a copy of my media pack listing my audience demographics, site traffic and rankings and rates.

Guest Post Submissions

I also sometimes accept guest posts from fellow bloggers, but I only work with bloggers which suit this blogs design aesthetics and my readers interests. Please note, submissions will only be accepted from independent bloggers with their own blog.  No free lancers or staff writers please.

If you wish to apply to post your article on Emerald Interiors Blog, please review my Editorial Guidelines below for more information. Only submissions that meet the guidelines will be considered.

Finally, while I welcome all submissions, but as I receive a high volume of requests, I cannot respond to them all. If I am interested in your submission, I will get in touch with you.

Guest Post Editorial Guidelines

  1. Posts must be the blogger’s original writing and not published elsewhere.
  2. Submissions will only be accepted from independent bloggers with their own blog.  No free lancers or staff writers please.
  3. Posts must offer added value to my readers.  It should provide design advice, how-to tips,  or news of industry trends/techniques.
  4. Please ensure your article does not violate any copyright laws.

How to apply

Please send an email to with the subject line “GUEST POST SUBMISSION”, including a short bio, a link to your blog and the headline of your suggested article.

If I decide the article would suit the aesthetic of my blog, I will email you back for an outline.

However please note that as I receive an overwhelming amount of requests, it is impossible to reply to all of them individually.  If I do not contact you within 10 days from your sent submission please understand, that I appreciate your effort but it was just not the right fit for my blog at this time.

Should I decide to accept your outline, please ensure the following:-

  1. Content –Please make sure the post is useful. Try to include tips that my readers can use and benefit from.  All content must be written by you and never used before anywhere else on the Internet.
  2. Formatting – Write the post as a draft post on your blog, then copy and paste the HTML into an email or send it as a .txt attachment.
  3.  Photo credits – All images (if not your own) must cite the original source with appropriate links.  Posts that do not include relevant sources will be automatically rejected.
  4. Image size – Maximum 500 pixels wide.
  5. Credits – Add a two sentence credit at the end of the post which begins with your name and can include one link.
  6. No affiliate links.

Emerald Interior Design reserve the right to edit all posts (including title) for clarity, brevity, grammar and for the design aesthetic of this blog.

  1. I do not publish press releases.
  2. I do not offer compensation to guest bloggers for their posts.
  3. I only accept guest posts from independent bloggers and writers and do not accept guest posts for a business or product in which you have a vested interest.  If your submission relates to promotion of a specific company or product, please send an email to to receive a copy of my media pack and advertising rates.

A final note: I retain the copyright of all material published on this blog. A guest poster cannot republish their guest post elsewhere; it must remain unique to Emerald Interior Design.

Thanks again for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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