Meet Karen

About Me

Karen Hughes Emerald Interior DesignHi, I’m Karen Hughes, an Interior Designer based in Dublin, Ireland and the owner of Emerald Interior Design.

I started this blog as I have a passion for design and I wanted a way to showcase designs and products that inspire me. Back in 2010 when I began this was a totally new territory to me.  I don’t have a writing or journalism  background and I had never written a blog before.  In fact I never even kept a diary as a child!

4 years on and although my writing skills are far from perfect, I hope I manage to provide you with sound design advice and some entertainment along the way.

About This Blog

This blog is an interior design and lifestyle blog interspersed with the odd dose of random topics which I think might be of interest to you. I share design and decorating ideas, advice on colour schemes, DIY and craft ideas, projects I’m working on, and people and things that inspire me. It also includes snippets of my daily life. Things I like (some I don’t) and sometimes an unhealthy amount of updates on the love of my life, a little West Highland Terrier named Arthur  😉

But hopefully, whatever I happen to be rambling on about, I will keep you entertained along the way.

I try to update this blog at least one a week,  but that can change depending on my workload and energy levels.  Watch this space……

I hope you enjoy your visit and I manage to brighten your day (even just a little).

Please drop me a line if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for my design tips and advice straight into your inbox or visit my website for full details on my Interior Design Service.


The Official Stuff

I am Director and Interior Designer of Emerald Interior Design.  I am certified by Rhodec International and graduated with Distinction from the Dublin Institute of Design.

Founded in 2008, Emerald Interior Design have established a reputation for developing creative design solutions. Projects vary from new builds to extensions; from total refurbishments to individual rooms. Our clients include private home owners, investors, architects, property management companies and business owners.

We work with a team of skilled and professional craftsmen to ensure the smooth operation of every project.  Using our creative ability and business acumen, Emerald Interior Design consistently delivers imaginative, stunning and cost effective designs.  Our professional approach and attention to detail ensures the highest standards of excellence are achieved at all times.

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