A Room Fit For A Tween!

Schools out and lots of you are preparing for your kids to make that transition from junior school up to senior school. [pullquote]Fear not, I have some bedroom ideas perfect for your grown up Tween![/pullquote]Not only do you get to spend your summer months shopping for new uniforms and school books, but chances are now that your “baby” is all grown up, what suited their bedroom in June will most certainly not fit the bill come September!!

We’ll start with the girls

Converting from the pretty bedroom full of dolls and teddies to a more sophisticated look is not easy.  You’ll need space for the unbelievable amount of clothes that are about to be accumulated;  storage for handbags, shoes, make up (YES DAD THERE WILL BE MAKE UP!!!) Not to mention wall space for Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn and possibly even Justin! And if all that is not enough a place other that the kitchen table to do homework would be a bonus!


I love this room.  It’s pink enough to be pretty, but not too childish.  There’s even a bean bag complete with canopy for chilling out and a small desk and storage area for homework.  Use a picture rail to save your walls from holes, especially where artwork may be changed on a regular basis.


There’s a very 1970’s meets 2013 feel to this space.  I’m sure both boys and girls would love this room.  Marilyn Monroe and a bubble chair.  What’s not to love!  Image from Houzz.com

This is a great idea when sharing a bedroom.  The central pillar with built in shelves is great for displaying personal items and also offers a degree of privacy.  The drawer bases in the beds are great for additional storage.

Every inch of possible storage space is utilised in this bright room. Image from Digs Digs 

Corner bedroom

This is a great idea where space is limited.  Positioning the bed in the corner with a half headboard gives a studio apartment feel to this room.  Image from Houzz.com

Storage is a big consideration with girls and lets face it, it doesn’t matter how old we are, we never have enough of it.  But luckily we can manipulate the storage we do have to best suit our needs.

Build shelving behind the bed to provide as much storage space as possible.  Wallpapering behind the shelving will add interest.  Image from HousetoHome 

If built in storage is not your thing, use second hand suitcases, trunks or even floral storage boxes for a vintage feel.  Image from House to Home

This is a very clever way of storing handbags. Simply attach the hooks over the top and bottom of the door frame and you have instant handbag holders.  Clever eh!

A very pretty work area from Charlotte Love.  Tip: glue the lids of jars to the under side of shelves for a great way to store small items.

Memo Board Headboard

Almost ever girl will have a memory board of some sort.  Whether it’s photo’s, concert tickets, valentines cards, rosettes, doodles, or drawings, you can be sure there will be something stuck somewhere!  Utilise the space above the bed by building a combined headboard/memory board.  If this is too much, just make a simple memory board with some foam board, some pretty fabric, a glue gun and ribbon.


 Now for the Boys

Technically boys rooms should be easier to design than girls.  They may not have as much stuff as girls in the hair and beauty department (although that is changing) but their recreational “stuff” does pose it’s own difficulties.  Any mother trying to tidy away footballs, hurley sticks, guitars, computer games or skateboards will know what I mean.

So plenty of storage space plus a chill out area is ideal in a boys room.

Contemporary boys room

This contemporary boys room has it all.  Sleeping zone, chill out area, TV and room for musical instruments and artwork.  I love the cool wall lights.  Image from Houzz.com 

Clean Simple Cool!  Clean lines, Simple colour scheme and a seriously cool room for any teenage boy.  Image from Houzz.com 


Themed rooms don’t have to be over the top.  Lime green accent blocks show off this teenagers tennis trophies perfectly. Image from Emerald Interior Design via Houzz.com

Grey orange and green teenage boys room

There is plenty of shelf space in this teenagers room.  The storage cubes above the bed are a great place to store things in and on.  Image from My Home Rocks 


Another simple design but perfect for a teenage boy.  Uncluttered and box storage for sports items and memorabilia.


Industrial type magazine racks look great in this teens room.  Wall stencils are a great idea because they can be removed and changed on a whim.

Modular furniture is another great idea in a boys room as it can be built to fit any dimensions you want.  Image from Carlyn & Company Interiors 


If you’re looking for extra space, where better than the attic.  What teenage boy wouldn’t love a ladder to his own personal space.  Image from Emerald Interior Design.  Relax girls, there’s one for you too…….

Image from Houzz.com

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