Seriously Sexy Shoe Storage Solutions

We have a shoe rack press thingy in our bedroom.  The problem is that my husband wears a size 10 shoe whereas my little cindy feet are only a 4.  As a result his shoes fit nice and neatly on the bars, while mine fall down the gaps and end up in a mess at the bottom of the cupboard!

My messy shoe rack

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing for some pretty yet functional ways to store my shoes.  So as it’s my mission in life to please you folks, I have scoured the internet and found some seriously sexy ways for you to store your Imelda Marcos collections 🙂


An entire cupboard is given up for shoe storage in this stunning design from I love how the different shelves and cubbies cater for different shoe styles.

Recycled wooden crates are stacked to create this clever and eclectic shelving system in this bedroom. Image from

s__81208.1341275115.485.450This Lazy Susan shoe carousel from ShoeCase is a great space saving idea.

Make your shoes a design feature.  This ladder shoe storage from eight hundred sq. ft. blog

More ladder storage.  An old ladder, painted and cleaned up looks great beside the bed side table.  Image from Apartment Therapy

Or how about seating that doubles up as storage.

The fabulous  Lilly Pulitzer’s ottoman has a hinged lid concealing 16 pockets for shoes, plus loads more space for bags, scarfs etc.

shoe storage
If your shoes are simply too pretty to hide away, why not display them in an beautiful antique display case.  Image from This Is Glamorous

How about this for a pretty and cheap quick fix.  Wrap an  empty wine box in wrapping paper.  Very useful for light runners and plimsolls.

How about your home?  Do you have any clever storage solutions for your Imelda collections?

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  1. Looks like great options! I try to keep my shoes outside but its always a problem, for everyone! *Laliv

  2. I like the idea of using wooden crates.They are cheap and very versatile.

  3. Thanks for popping by. I agree wooden crates can be fun to decorate with. Check out this post I wrote recently on decorating with wine crates - ~ Karen

  4. These are available on online stores in various eye catching designs and colours as per your requirements.

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