6 Easy Interior Design Tips

This week I’m featuring a guest post from Claudia Somerfield who gives us 6 easy interior design tips to decorating on a budget.

Everyone longs for a tastefully decorated home. Interior decoration is an art and you need to experiment with new things. Give wings to your creativity and let your personality be reflected in your decoration. With a little hard work you can change the look of your house. Here are some easy and affordable ways to add magic to your house.

1. Add colour to your house

Paint can enhance the look of your house a million folds, provided you choose them correctly. If you are using two or more paint colours, make sure they do not clash with each other. For example, if you are using a shade of red combine it with beige or lighter shades of grey. Similarly, orange will go well with brown and blue will go with green. Use accent colours on walls, cushions, decorative pieces, etc to add some fun around the house.

Always remember that light colours open up the space and will make it look brighter while dark colours make the space look cozy. Paint ceiling white if you want to make your house look spacious. For bigger spaces, you can experiment with different colours for the ceilings.

2. De-clutter using multifunctional furniture

Cluttered and messy houses can give rise to stress. It is very important to keep your house clean and tidy so that it looks nice and peaceful. Multifunctional furniture is very useful, as they provide extra space for to store things. Once you have accommodated all your things inside the furniture, your house will automatically look clean and more spacious.

3. Use lights to add extra charm

There are so many different types of lights available to enhance the look of your house. Table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights fitted with dimmers provide accent lighting.  Focus light on a particular object to create a focal point, for example a light above a picture or a floor light pointing at an ornament or decorative feature .  Candle light is perfect for creating an ambience and gives a soft look to surroundings.

4. Accessories with rugs and towels

Rugs and towels are an inexpensive way of adding warmth as well as colour to your house. These are easily affordable and create a big difference. If your carpet has worn out or you are simply bored of it, buy some rugs in different shapes and sizes and spread them for a new look. Changing the doormats, face towels and kitchen towels can add instant freshness to a space.

5. Add plants to your interiors

You should always have something living in your home.  Adding greenery is a great way to create a calm serene feel to your home  Use indoor plants which are easy maintenance and look pretty. Be creative by using old utensils and other discarded bottles and pots as planters.

6. Add new curtains and bedding

Curtains can change the look of your house. Buy curtains in your favorite colours and hang them for an easy and quick makeover. For a budget fix, use a little creativity and make your own curtains with colourful bed sheets. These will not be very costly and will make your house look awesome.

Changing the bedding and bed covers can also change the look of your room. Choose covers that complement the colour of your walls and furniture. Add fluffy pillows and throws and see how comfortable the room looks.

You need not be an interior designer to tastefully decorate your home. The basic idea is to enjoy decoration and experiment with different looks. You also do not require visiting big showrooms to find decorative items. Pick up antique pieces from flea markets and garage sales, blend them with your own imagination and create something extraordinary for your house.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on t-rex car that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on flying car.

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