5 Storage Tips To Make Your Life Better

This week I’m bringing you a guest post from Robbie of Mobile Storage Services Ltd who is going to share some insights with us on how to optimise the storage areas in your home.

It seems that storage issues crop up in every home at some point or other. Whether your home is large or small – owned or rented, you can always do with some extra space to store stuff, right?

This article will provide you with 5 storage tips that will hopefully help you de-clutter your home and life!

1. Open storage Vs Closed storage

Many people prefer to have either one of these methods as their main mode of storage. So, do you prefer using plastic baskets or do you prefer the tubs with lids on them to protect your stuff inside? This all comes down to personal choices, and either method works quite well. Just be sure that you buy good quality containers so that they will last you a long time, and that they’re suitable for whatever you’re going to be storing inside them.

2. Use spaces that are commonly overlooked


If you think about it, there are tons of different locations around the house that are “empty-space goldmines” when it comes to new storage locations. One such example of this would be under the bed. There’s loads of empty space waiting to be filled there, but not many people utilise this to their advantage. You can use those plastic tubs or even cardboard boxes that fit under the bed to store your items in.

3. Thinking outside of the box

You may not know it, but you probably have way more wardrobe space than you need right now. Why not add a set of shelves to a closet which would enable you to easily store a host of items comfortably? Get a shoe organiser as well, so that you can neatly store all those shoes that you’ve lying at the bottom of your wardrobe. This would definitely free up a lot of space and has the added bonus of saving you a lot of time when you want to find a particular pair of shoes for a night out.

For your bathroom, you could get a shower caddy which holds large items and keeps the room looking decidedly neater.

4. Make your storage look beautiful

above the door bathroom storage

Storage can sometimes be thought of as an “ugly” word. This definitely needn’t be the case. You can be creative and take advantage of all that space above doors in order to cleverly store dishes and other knickknacks. Taking an approach like this to your storage needs adds a lot of personality to the room in question. Being creative not only adds some fun into the equation, but it also adds character to the home as a whole.

5. Ease up on the possessions

The final tip is probably easier said than done. Of course, we all know that we shouldn’t clutter our lives with unnecessary items, but yet we all do it without thinking. If you make a conscious decision to think whether or not you really need “such and such a thing” before you buy it, then this will help keep your material possessions at a minimum.

If you feel that you’ve too much stuff, then seriously consider selling it at car-boot sales or online for example. This will definitely ease the storage pressure and put a few bob in your pocket.

Once you actively start thinking about your storage needs then you’ll quickly begin to realise that you don’t need as much stuff as you currently have. Finding ways to manage storage in your home isn’t complicated, you just need to work with what you’ve got and take it from there.

This post was contributed by Robbie Norton. Robbie is the Owner of Mobile Storage Services Ltd – a unique and state of the art self storage solution in Ireland.

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  1. If you don’t want to see things clutter, stop yourself from acquiring them in the first place – #5 in a nutshell. That’s my first tip! The second one is to actually find time to actually implement these tips. I find that there is an unlimited source of storage tips in the web, but the time to do it is not so much available. Kudos Robbie!

  2. Storage area is very important and an art of architect or interior designer to utilize. It is very smart work that you manage the empty spaces and use it as storage area. You have shared very useful information and i have read at one other place that how to utilize empty space in your home. The ideas provided by you are really awesome and nice tips.

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