4 Stunning Minimalistic Living Spaces

If you live in a frantic world, there is something very appealing about a clean, calm and peaceful living space. The same can be said for interior design techniques, with many new home owners now leaning towards a minimal, spacious design for their home. This weeks guest post is from Scott Wood from luxury rentals business onefinestay who highlights four sleek, yet stylish homes in London with a minimalistic feel.

Sparkle and dazzle

For an ultra-modern minimal feel, Union Wharf is a clear design favourite, with its clean and simple yet modern styling.

White fittings, silver, reflective mirrors and little flecks of colour help to create an almost futuristic looking central living space, with an expansive feel. The clean white floor instantly creates a very minimal look, so consider your choice of flooring if creating something similar.

The dining room is picture perfect; however the bedroom is much softer, with warming wooden flooring, canvas detailing and an enticing bath for a relaxing late night soak.

A smattering of colour

A more bright and breezy take on the minimal design style can be seen at Brondesbury Road, in Queens Park.

Expanses of white are offset with flowers, print detailing and a varied bookshelf, but the minimalistic feel is still maintained with immaculate beauty.

Long drop lights over the central dining table hold the eye and bring a focus to the space, when the sun isn’t beaming through the open plan garden space.

A lengthy kitchen worktop creates an elegant, uncluttered feel, with fixtures and fittings tucked away under the main work space.

Simplicity in a family space

Creating a minimal family home seems like a tall task, but with the right planning this can be made possible. The kitchen space in Richmond Bridge is a great example of maintaining a functional, yet minimal central dining space.

Clever use of spotlighting and see-through metal chairs allow light to pass throughout the room, opening up the space and cleverly creating a welcoming, yet minimal feel.

The same goes for the child’s bedroom, which is kept open plan, with minimal floor covering helping to create a stylish space for sleeping and playing.

Sit and watch the world go by

For the green fingered amongst us, Hilary Close shows us how minimal outdoor spaces can be created in Central London.

The combination of furniture colouring, glass walling and well-kept plant life gives a sense of tranquillity, calm and space.

While minimal living often conjures up images of stark white rooms with simple fittings and fixtures, the great difficulty in creating a clever minimal space is the attention to detail. Spend time thinking about the individual pieces of furniture and decorative items that add character, without overbearing the space.


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  1. I was dog sitting for a friend of a friend a couple of months ago and I thought it was really odd that she had nothing but a bed and a locker in her bedroom. Literally nothing else.

    As the week went on though, I was struck by the sense of calm and uncluttered-ness so when I went back to my own place, I cleared the bedroom out! We have some much stuff around us in our homes and we don’t need the vast majority of it…

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